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Another Year has past
Another Year has almost past
Happy New Year!
Happy Christmas
scotland's independence
Great weather!
where is everyone?
Odd ball solutions
west highland way
Happy Christmas every one
Can it be Summer at last?
stinking hot weather
Seasonal greetings...
Weather 2012
Fixed Price Conveyancing?
lighter days longer
Happy Birthday Ina
Happy New Year
road gritters
free comp for stove and fuel
Forgetter Be Forgotten
Local charity needs your vote/help (not asking for money)
I shouldnt have looked at my photo album.....
registered users
vote for us please
Rare breed sale.
haymaking 2011
Bit fed up!
R.I.P Peter Falk
Anyone know anyone...
Phewww found froum again
Please Help
high wind warning
Happy Birthday Ironworker
air rifles/pest control
Anybody else...
Halfpenny Farm Open Day.
Feel good story of the day!
Banks - argh!!!!
International women's day (belated)
extra hour
super moon
Germany top for foreign students
weather station
Happy Birthday Harry x
boot recommendations please
Total posts
Northern Lights
Happy Birthday AndyB
quiet, isn't it?
Malawi's New Law
light pollution map
Cage crate?
Wickerman Festival - any good?
Anyone heading London direction on friday 28th?
Susannah York 1939 - 2011
congratulations to Iainc
Is it getting lighter earlier?
what a nice day
Definitive detectives
bloomin easter!
not a great end to the year!
Happy New Year
Mayhem at Morrisons
Happy birthday sass
happy birthday zombiecazz
Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas to all
15kg gas bottles
we moan about...
Mintlaw area folk
My TT Christmas :(
A little perspective
calm before the storm
does anyone know.....
I dont get on here as much but...
thaw for the weekend
courses for christmas presents
i know this is a long shot...but...
Hopefully not a very silly question
Snow Blower
Snow on Roof of Cars etc ... Beware!!
Chinese Bibles
No puns intended (groans)
Otter invaders
Bumper Sticker
Pressendye Windfarm
new advent calendar
From my friend with a sense of humour
Happy Birthday Matty
oil or calor gas
happy birthday monkey nuts
vertical axis wind turbine
RIP Gregory isaacs
Brand new baby Neepster
Benefit Single for Humane Research Trust
Can anyone recommend a joiner?
edible pumpkin
Trump petition
Colchester connections anyone?
Thoughts with JoH
Terror talk - Dubdadda
Happy Birthday SH
new windows :)
wax hat
A text message
What's been happening?
Can you hear me Mother?
happy belated bithday wildgarlic
happy birthday julie
Cheap Lunch Out
Trivia Rest
Anyone else fed up of this weather?
best wishes to kimmie and matty
need plans drawing
Hardanger Fjord Power Lines
The sound of the pipes
Alford-ish 'appenings?
what a beautiful evening
help - Dutch Bottled Water
Mitch's Caterpillar
I love these pencil sculptures.
Rant warning!
eggs looking good
family trees
Any knitters out there?
making people smile with music!
3 messy eaters
Problem with neighbour - advice appreciated!
happy birthday kimmie
Happy Birthday lor138
Shameless Plug ;-)
Happy belated birthday Maidenstone
Unique Aberdeen
American Reality Show Causes Upset
Happy Birthday JamesB
Help needed
some exciting news.
veridian dynamics - lab grown meatless beef
SOS please read
Happy birthday Babzzii
happy birthday Annpan001
Greetings from sunny Manchester
Happy birthday Ridgey.
happy birthday Jaydee67
Feeling guilty
Happy Birthday Alan C
Local food produce wanted-and/or surplus veg/fruit
Happy birthday Grimalkin(Dallas)
bamboo taxis
Gaza petition
Back online!
Happy Birthday Nix
Could we borrow?
Happy birthday Ironworker
what did you do today?
Lest we forget.........
Belated birthday growingafamily
useful website
There's hope for us yet!
Happy Birthday J
Belated Birthday Loonyloon
Belated birthday Philby
Julie's computer is down
Self sufficientish
Happy Birthday Pete in the Hills
Happy Birthday David
Anyone Looking For A Cheap Holiday
nuee ardent
Belated Birthday Forget-me-not
Belated Birthday Tooty942
Urgent help request on behalf of a friend :)
Some nice news
free land for the summer!!
Malcolm McLaren
What did i see?
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