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Permaculture & Transition
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Organic Food, Diverse Food, Abundant Food: Dr. Vandana Shiva
The Green Thing
Earth Ways is looking for a permaculture assistent
Permaculture Course comes to the North East
26th Feb - first Permaculture Scotland meeting
GM and the future of farming, an Indian view
Transition town Banff
chickens in permaculture
Natural Change project
"It's time we got stuck in"?
Scottish Orchards
Transition Mearns meeting on 29th June
Powis Permaculture gathering this Saturday!
A NE Permaculture gathering in Powis, 15 May 2010
Permaculture training postponed!
Permaculture on BBC2
Meeting up with NE permaculture people
Permaculture training/events aberdeen. March 20th/22nd/27th
Free permaculture training
Scot permaculture group being set up...
A Delicious Array of Short Films about Transition
rob hopkins does TED talk
intensive /organic
Scottish city prepares for when oil runs out
north east transition gathering
Permaculture group meet
permaculture course
at last - the is back!
Crop diversity: eat it or lose it
Anyone fancy joining a northeast permaculture network meet?
herb spiral
Living willow structure
Couple of nice videos
Scottish Community Land Network
Cheese making
Permaculture course 20/21 June
Permaculture Course in Fife
my friend Jed - she's a star - woohoo!
Transition Town Aboyne meeting 25th June (car share)
Does your village have a good idea?
Transition movie online - get yer skates on!
transition scotland
Sustainable Communtities Act
"The Crash Course" - a guide to understanding the
Transition farms
Just watched 'end of line trailer'...stunned...
Courses & Networking
Transition Movie Premiere ONLINE this Saturday at 1.45pm
Another Neep Idea
I'm so nosey - transition towns aboyne - questions....
Setting up allotments (am I in the right forum??? ;)
Transition resources
Sheet Mulching question / Poultry Feed Bags
woo-hoo - a transition space has appeared.
Blog Thoughts
Learning about Permaculture Principles - Stacking
Permaculture is....
rainbow valley farm
permaculture and peak oil
A permaculture principles learning idea - wanna join in?
Sunchoke Experiment
planting fodder crops.
Asparagus and Comfrey
All things transition :-)
Tree planting - sources of info and advice
Fram of the future
Permaculture resources
Yee Haa!!!
Permaculture (request for a new forum section)
Perennial veg
Permaculture course (I'm a happy bunny)
Utterly superb programme (A Farm for the Future)
A Farm for the Future
Great Turning Times - newletter & web
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