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Bee Keeping
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Friends of the bees - insurance
Vanishing of the Bees
Bees, butterflies and blooms
Christy Hemenway - Making the Connection
ADBA lectures
BEES and the Human BEEing
James Fearnley talking about propolis
Phil Chandler - the Kenyan top bar hive
Warré hive demonstrated by David Heaf
Perone Automatic Hive at the Natural Beekeeping Conference
Natural Beekeeping with Heidi Herrmann and Phil Chandler
Natural Beekeeping course
Natural beekeepers united against the forces of darkness
List of "garden" chemicals to avoid
Silent Spring - second time around!
New international petition - save the bees
Free Beekeeping Course in Aberdeen starts 13th Jan 2011.
Wiki bee leaks.. EPA have known for ages about the danger
Latest podcast - on Pesticide endorsement
Bought hives
Decline in bees
Honey bee larva disease found in West Lothian
Hives wanted
Move whole colony in one.............
Practical bee keeping
Reluctant swarm captured, now in bait hive..........
One Day Beekeeping Course
SBKA Autumn Convention
From today's Torygraph..............
Pimp my hive!
still waiting
New podcast from the Barefoot Beekeeper
Varroa control
Natural beekeeping in action
Spirotetramat, poisoning a field near you - soon!
Latest Syngenta research
There are times
New con from the BBKA!
Another podcast from Phil Chandler
First video podcast
2nd Podcast from Friends of the Bees
Defra + beekeeping
Lack of flowers
Barefoot Beekeeper Podcast
BBKA stay in bed with Bayer/Syngenta
Bee keeping classes
Official - DEFRA wholly-owned subsidiary of BigAg
Syngenta both breeding and killing bees
honey ?
Foul Brood info - please read
Bees and kids
Foul brood info meetings
At long last! Occupied Warré
European Foul Brood found in Tayside
Bayer pesticide seal of approval stings Britain's beekeepers
Soil Association campaign
Bee temperaments
Hives please
First top bar hive inspection
They came....
New life for the ancient black honeybee
Bee Links
They're here!!!
Couple of excellent articles on natural beekeeping
Who killed the honey bee?
10 Better Things You Can Do To Help Save The Bees
would like to keep bee's BUT.....
Useful Bee sites
Info on types of bees
Sourcing bee keeping paraphernalia locally
Take Action - Plan BEE
Bleak news for bee keepers
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