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Music from F&F 7
"You've Been Trumped"
Bees, butterflies and blooms, part 2
Interesting Radio 4 Food Programme on Milk today
In Pursuit of Happiness
A Farmer's Life For Me, BBC2, 8-9pm, today
Power of Scotland
stargazing live
Teenagers in Unst
edwardian farm
donald trumps golf war
Kirsties Homemade Home
Coming to ITV2 now
Victorian Pharmacy 9pm BBC2 tonight
World Cup
Chelsea gnomist show
A special treat from the BBC
woodcraft folk on radio 4 this sunday
"How to live the simple life" BBC2 9pm tonight
at the moment, not a lot, so.............
Air Crash Investigation-Volcanic ash
8pm BBC2 tonight (7th April)
Vital Veg TV Debut - Tues 6th & Fri 9th April - BBC2 6pm
New Hendrix Album
wonders of the solar system
Monty Don
Radio 4 12.30, Sun 7thFeb Food Programme on seeds
The New Diggers
Alice Sommer interview
Ration Book Britain
River Cottage Christmas
Day of the Triffids (GM anybody?)
Age of stupid
How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? 8pm BBC2 9th Dec
River Cottage - Winters on the way - new series
Ladies of Letters
End of the Line
Return to Pembrokeshire Farm
8pm tonight (26th October) BBC2- Coal house at war
Question Time
The End of the Line ....
Gandhi BBC 2 8.15pm tonight
Baby Dancing to Beyonce
Victorian Farm BBC2 7pm Tuesday 22nd Sept
River Cottage : Gone Fishing On Ch4 NOW
Who Killed the Honey Bee NOW
Climate Camp TV
wind power
Future of Food
the allotment film
Man On Wire
Whats Really in Our Food..... BBC1 14th July
Wild Things
At last! Pig Business - on More4 tomorrow at 10pm.
New Series of River Cottage
Spring Watch is back
Martin Clunes Islands of Britain
Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture
Radio Scotland: out of doors
Kirstie's Homemade Home
landward bbc2 7pm friday 17th April
An Inconvenient Truth
Wake Up Call - New World Order Documentary - must see
selfsufficientish on the box
Tonight!!! Grand Designs
6.30pm ITV1 Sun March 22nd Charles in the rainforest
RIP Jade
R4 this morning
Monty Hall's Great Escapes
Grow your own Drugs
Martyn Bennett
Sir Terry Pratchett - Wednesday 4th Feb.
Chance viewing last night
The Victorian Farm
"Costing the earth" Radio 4 1.30pm Jan 8th
swarm - natures incredible invasions - on tv now
It's not easy being green - new series
New Film
TED - better than telly?
History of Scotland - this Sunday
Dave Hamilton on Working Lunch
neil young
zeitgeist movie
The seven ages of Britain
Gordon Ramsay's lamb slaughter 'turns viewers into veggies'
BBC 3 Britains Most Disgusting Food........
BBC2 tonight
Real Radio Breakfast Show
The real monarch of the glen
our year with out oil e4 10pm tues
Radio 4
Dispatches - Ch4 - The Truth About Food Prices
Big Brother
Truth, Lies, Scotland and Oil - BBC1 Scotland tonight
Paul O'grady show tonight
River Cottage Spring - Starts Weds 28th May 9pm
Life After People - Ch4 9pm 26th May
Blood Sweat and Tshirts - BBC3 NOW
Alladale documentary
Smallholding on radio 4
Saturday live
Doom Watch
Has anyone else noticed...?
Horizan on bbc now
Wartime Kitchen
The Extreme Pilgrim
Hughs Chicken Out campaign
Grand Designs
The Nature of Britain Weds BBC1 9pm
Outrageous Wasters -starts 4th September
living off a rubbish tip
Newsnight 20th August - Climate Change (and other stuff)
Great British Journeys
Dispatches - Channel 4 8pm 16th July
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