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Global Warming, Climate Change etc
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Not in my back yard.
How to live a Low Carbon Life
James Balog: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss
GM and you.............
Superweeds - thankyou Monsanto...........
climate change event 3rd June
Climate 9 - statements of support
breathing earth
Climate Camp Scotland 2010 first get-together
Age of Stupid
Must see video - "Food Inc"
canadian oil fields
Excellent campaign from the Co-op
NEW Biofuel Power station objection - SHEFFIELD
Climate Change - Zero Carbon
Global warming will make it harder to feed the world in 2050
Maldives under threat - president supports
Global warming set to continue
Low energy bulbs
we are very lucky here
evidence of global warming they tried to hide
Well done scotland from One hundred
Dolphin 'super pod' seen in firth
MSPs agree 42% pollution-reduction target by 2020
Country Smallholding this month
Future Scenarios (website)
fungus could fuel cars
A Poem by Danny at Climate Camp in the City
Black Carbon Responsible for Half of Arctic Warming
Climate Camp in the city
What can we do?
French Spiderman - scales Hong Kong Skyscraper
Wave power technology for a car
Juice, or deuce
global education project
'Crazy ideas' to fight global warming revealed by scientists
Stop misleading climate claims
Go Greener Scotland
Wake Up, Freak Out
Less fog explains warming Europe, study says
Hello Team Scotland Climate Change Forum
NASA Study shows How Global Peak Oil Could Impact Climate
Hoarding stuff. Should we? Are you?
Climate Change Denial - by George Monbiot
Climate March 2008
Can GM save the world?
Second life - and environment
Worth reading and passing on if you see fit.....
John Francis - I walk the earth
Energy Saving Week
Greenhorizon- the year-round inclusive festival
Resilience - in response to climate change
One hundred months
climate rush- social change
UK 'should cut greenhouse gases by 80 per cent'
European climate and energy change
Earth: The Climate Wars: New Challenges
Radio 4 today
Green idealists fail to make grade, says study
Thawing permafrost likely to boost global warming
Scottish Schools Join Fight Against Climate Change
Can acid rain reduce greenhouse gas emissions of agriculture
Videos about the future
Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film
The green inquisition
Office workers fear for pond wildlife as burn dries up
Climate change takes toll in Scotland
New 'lookouts' for climate change
Climate talks progress 'feeble'
What do you think about personal carbon credits?
Tackling climate change in Scotland
Amazon under threat from cleaner air
Climate change research at the Scottish Research Institutes
carbon calculator for land managers
'No sun link' to climate change
the truth about CO2 output
Glaciers suffer record shrinkage
Soil Not Oil
Man-Made Changes Bring About New Epoch in Earth's History
World's climate out of balance and warming......
'Nonlinear' Ecosystem Response Points To Environmental Solut
Airlines face pollution limits after EU deal
World's leading climate scientist writes to Brown
Norway seems to have given up on trying to cut emissions !!!
Climate change goal 'unreachable'
carbon capture plan for the Forth
Bad clouds
£300m cuts for climate change department
Carbon footprint of IT the same as aviation
Fight Climate Change like it is World War Three
GEO-4 - UN Report on the environment - download here.
peak oil vs peak oil demand (and its effects)
Are climate change predictions are 'too optimistic'?
Oceans are 'soaking up less CO2'
Butterflies used to check climate
The more we go green, the worse it gets....
Tesco to fund climate change research project
Bog helps build climate insights
"An Inconvenient Truth" - Al Gore
Scottish Climate Change Impacts Partnership
600 strip naked on glacier in global warming protest
Carbon-cutting targets set deliberately low
Aberdeenshire Council to go 'carbon neutral'
Biggar bid to become the first "carbon neutral" to
Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car’
Possible future famine as temperatures rise.
Who will stop the rain
scientists confirm global warming link to increased rain
NW China glaciers shrinking at alarming rates
Ellon Global Footprint
Live Earth World Concert
More streetlights from Aberdeen Council ?
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