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Free Rhode Island red cockerel
Wanted: hatching Eggs: Kakhi Campbell & Poule de Bresse
Sexing eggs
Hatching Eggs
Looking for the right kind of chickens
Light Sussex hens and cockerel
fertile eggs wanted for broody
Looking for Quail
Hen Houses
home offered for any hens
Silver Grey Dorking cockerals x 2
Organic Lomond Brown laying hens free to good home
how to stop cockerels fighting
Pullets wanted
Surprise gosling!
Looking for laying hens
black male runner needs home
Anyone looking for broodys?
Turkeys looking for new home
chicken sizes and breeding
Breeder near me
pekin bantam cockrels
What's everyone got in their incubator?
First eggs from my chooks!
Lost my favourite
FTGH three girls inc cochin and CLB
feeding geese and not the greedy sheep?
Barred Plymouth Rock Cockerel
Electric netting
Pekin boys FTGH black and blue mottled, lavender cuckoo
Ducks for sale- Cayugas and Aylesburys
Magpies ( black bas........s)
Rare & Minority Breeds sale at Thainstone, Inverurie
Cream Legbars
Turkeys for sale
Anyone after some pekins?
sad day.
Sexing silkies for thainstone
posting eggs
Chook advice please!
Day old chicks unknown amount!
R. I. R. pullets for sale
Chicks for sale
Disasterous Hatch :-(
Our chicks
Hen House - birthday surprise!
4 new chicks
Does anyone have birds available?
Harriet the hen lays 'world's largest egg'
Can anyone lend me a broody coop?
Wanted - 4 rechargeable battery hens ...
Baffling Chicks
Broody query
Sod's Law Strikes Again :-(
advice please
broody bantam
ex battery hens
Incubator saga
New Hens
RIP Kate Thear
My Poland Hen has died :-(
Surprise Chicks
Hens for rehoming as pets
Eggs due to hatch
Cure for egg bound hen
Hatching Eggs
Poultry/hatching egg swap/availability
Colours of chicks
New Poultry Runs and a Gap in my Talents !!
Disinfecting your coup
Broody building
Another Worst ever Poultry week!
Cheap Candling
Cockerels Looking For New Pet Homes
Free Range Hens Looking For New Pet Homes
too many eggboxes
Two chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chick advice please
buff coloured brahma cockerel
Worst poultry week ever!
First chicks of the year (and Dorking cross autosexing?)
Silkie Cockerels Free to Good Home
Scientists solve half-cock chicken mystery
Incubator advice
Call duck FREE
automatic door timer
Hen house for sale 60
our first loss
RIP Lloyd
Sablepoot and pekin hatching eggs locally?
killer chickens!
Chicken Police
Classical Chicken
Anyone got room for a cockerel?
Question about eggs
New homes needed for ducks
I've finally Got My Hose Working
silkie cockerels
New Cockerel
2 Hens and 2 Cockerals Looking For A New Home
New homes needed for Geese
Silky cock
Nora Batty lays egg.........
making hens lay in the correct place
Layers Pellets prices
The Mice have moved in
Bantam hen wanted
Are sablepoots slower to develop combs than pekins?
What to do about renograde broody?
Olive tree Buds poisonous or not?
Soon to be homeless chickens!
Free - Pekin Bantam Pair
My new chicken house!
Polystyrene Egg Posting Boxes
Cockeral bashing...
Poorly hen :(
feathers wanted
Cockerels Advice
My neeps bantam imports (pics)
Wee beasties
Shrubs for a chicken run
Red Mite
noisy chicken
Trio of Lemon Cuckoo Pekin Bantams for sale.
pekin show results - thanks sass!
Last chance saloon
New home needed for cockeral.
Muscovey Ducks wanted please
intragrating new birds
new chicks
Quaffle, the drake's little problem.
Anyone know of a butcher who will dispatch and butcher ducks
Help!! is it egg peritonitis????
Hens wanted
help - 'fat hen' for feeding my hens??
Cockerel Looking For Home
Sexing Geese
childrens sand pit or chicken dust bath?
Is this just a cold??
black rock chicken
we have lost a chicken
green potatoes
I have chooks - woo-hoo
Gloria Pekin
japanese quail.
Partridge Pekin
Goose down quilts.
new layers
Bad Hair Day !!!
We have chicks
Where to learn about chickens?
Yellow poppies
new hens
New quail run.
Fox Deterrent Suggestions?
Whopper Eggs - and Odd Ones !!
Strange Eggs!!
Chick hatching advice
broody advice please
Help - Poorly Silkie Cockerel
Broody Hybrid!
Think I'm losing a hen
3 new chicks
Paranoid Chicks
wanted call duck
homes wanted for 3 chickens
Mystery solved
Chick Flicks :-)
Candling Eggs
Do broody hens eat?
neeps chicks
putting your chickens to bed
Poultry talk at Midmar
hens wanted
Japanese quails - free to a good home
fertile goose eggs
Poorly Hen
candling an egg
Chook Help
hells angel with feathers!
Emergency incubator loan
Feathers needed
Urgent - Two Quails looking for a home
Poultry Houses
broody hen and goose eggs
blue silky cockerels
Broody Pekin Bantam
RIR Cockerel needs new home
Gape worm
The End of a Nasty Cockerel !!
Silky bantams
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