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Does any one know where

i can buy a couple of polish crested hens? We saw them on holiday, and now hubby wants a couple.

probably at Thainstone rare breeds whic is comming up at the end of the month i think....check out in 'whats on' forum

If anyone knows, these guys will:

Beebe Polands are the absolute ones to aim for, but they can be expensive if you are just wanting a couple for pets.
There are usually some at Thainstone which is the first Saturday in September (8th I think, but don't quote me lol)
There are lots of different colours as well as the standard black and white ones. There is silver laced, Chamoise (buff laced !) Blue and white, cuckoo and white. All these colours comwe in bantam sized as well as large ones (not absolutely huge but bigger) There is also frizzle polands in all the above colours. They are something you either love or hate lol I adore them their heads always remind me of chrysanthemums haha

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