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Come and introduce yourself to the other Neepsters and tell us a bit about yourself.
Site Stuff
Check here regularly for any site information posts from the Admin team. Post any site problems here too.
What's in the area
What's on TV/Radio

What's on?
What's on calendar - share details of events that are happening in and around the north east. Let us know what is happening in your area.
Meet Up Details
Only available to registered users
Neeps Food Co-op

Local Links

Scottish Producers

The Green bit
Views on the news

Green Building
Including green power
RRRR - refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Permaculture & Transition
A space to share our optimism for a sustainable future. If you’ve been thinking about designing with nature, local resilience, low energy futures, LETS etc, this is the place to visit)
Green Parenting

Global Warming, Climate Change etc

Green Health & Beauty

The Debating Chamber
This is a trial section of our forum and intended for those meatier discussions - don't come in here if you are expecting people to agree with you!! You will need to request access to this part of the site - please apply to join via pm to wildgarlic.
The Great Outdoors

Weather 2006 - archive
Our weather diary from 2006
Go Wild In The Country


Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Horses etc
If it's got four legs then post about it here
if it's got 2 legs then post about it here
weather 2007 - archive
weather from years gone by.
Weather Diary 2010

Weather Diary 2008 Archive
What's the weather doing where you are? Compare notes with other Neepsters.
Bee Keeping

Weather Diary 2011

Weather Diary 2009

Make, Do and Mend
The North Eats........
Food and drink
The Garage
Got a problem with your car/tractor/motorbike or even your lawnmower? Got any green driving hints and tips? Post about it all here.
Gadgets, Gizmos and Techie Stuff

The Frugal Foodie
Feed your family on less and share your ideas of how to cut down on food costs.
Better Than Bought
Home made is best - share your ideas for making things at home that can be better than the things you buy in the shops (and often cheaper too!)
Arts & Crafts
Crafty Stuff


Poetry & Writings
You write it... we read it. Share your fiction, poetry and other writings here
Art & History


The Fun Bit
A Wee Blether

Under The Hammer - The Neeps Auction Room

The Neeps Emporium

Books, films, music etc
Fun & Games
Got five minutes - drop in and join in the fun. Word association, music and lyrics... it's all here.
The Neeps Arms
This bit of Neeps is strictly for the over 18s - think of it as your post watershed section :-) This is the place to share those (ruder) jokes that you can't post in the main forums. Please PM the landlady - Julie - for access to this section.
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